SHOUTcast 2


As announced in our Blog in February we are gradually changing over all of our streams to SHOUTcast 2. We have been working hard behind the scenes to grapple with the new streaming system as there is some speculation that the original SHOUTcast will shortly be discontinued by the new owners Radionomy.

Firstly we upgraded our 128mp3 mobile/tablet player at and we have now also upgraded our main web site player to the new system at We would be interested to hear from anyone who experiences any difficulties with this – but think we have ironed out most of the “wrinkles”.

As such, we will now gradually be reducing the capacity of our legacy streams but will leave a few running for those people who have old internet radios that cannot resolve SHOUTcast 2. If your internet radio is over 5 years old, you may find that our new database entry reads “format error”. In this scenario you should add The Ice Stream to your “Added Stations” (see Frontier Silicon website or your device instructions to find out how) and use the legacy address:

Similarly, there is an issue for some SHOUTcast 2 users. Most players work fine with the HTML 5 address which is the URL that Radionomy/SHOUTcast 2 provides but, for some reason we are yet to understand, there are some Flash players that just refuse to work with this but will work with this other address: . Either address works in most players like WinAmp. Additionally, some Flash players require the “http://” to be removed to work.

In 85% of cases you should not find a problem with SHOUTcast 2 but there are clearly a handful of legacy issues which is probably the price of progress!