Live Long And Prosper

In our opinion, the abundant growth in the quantity of British Television has not yielded a similar increase in quality drama productions. In all probability we will not see the likes of superb productions many remember from the 70s & 80s again. There have been notable exceptions, of course, such as Downton Abbey which has been an international hit. This shining light amidst the gloom of reality television has brought about a small glimmer of a possible resurgence in high grade television.

One of ITV’s grasps at a follow-up to Downton’s successful period piece has been The Halcyon. The show tells the story of a glamorous five star hotel run by aristocracy during the Second World War. There is no doubt that the program makers spent a good deal of time, thought (and money) in putting this 8 part series together. It is, therefore, disappointing that ITV has announced that it has axed the show after just one series despite fans begging for more.

Here at The Ice Stream we were particularly disappointed by this news as the series music overseen by the accomplished film and televison composer Samuel Sim is superb. In addition to his input numerous guest stars such as Jamie Cullum, Beverley Knight and Tracy Kashi appear on the soundtrack. Renowned Eastenders star Kara Tointon also proved herself to be a budding charismatic singing talent in the mix of quasi classical and traditional jazz music. Fans of the series may prove to be unsuccessful in their campaign to get the series reinstated but they can, at least, relive some of the musical highlights here on The Ice Stream where we have put a selection of tracks from the soundtrack CD released in January this year on our new Album Playlist.