99 adverts on Air for just £99!

The Ice Stream is an independent organisation that works hard with a small team to provide the kind of radio and depth of music that cannot be found on most other radio stations.

Like any independent organisation, we have to cover out costs to be able to maintain our output. While we are always ready to receive straight donations, we also actively encourage advertising. Our stations has a loyal audience around the world and you can find more information about our listener profile stats on Page 2.

Advertising from bands, record labels and for gigs welcome

The Ice Stream’s advertising is suitable for a worldwide audience and it particularly lends itself to bands, independent record labels, gigs and fashion to promote brands and associated goods. We do not recommend it for Fred’s Fish and Chip Shop in Smallville. We think the logic is clear and trust that suitable businesses will see the potential.

On-air advertising and sponsorship

The advertising and sponsorship we offer is simple and straightforward. In its simplest form you can buy 99 on air spots for £99 to run over a 3 week period. You can buy less, but it will cost you a little more, in relative terms as radio advertising research shows effectiveness increases the longer a campaign runs (13 weeks being the optimum), so we like to encourage longer campaigns in the interest of achieving peak performance.

Advertising limited to 4 minutes per hour of broadcast

Our advertising is limited and available on a first come, first served basis – we are committed to preventing our output from being cluttered by advertising and will never allow more than 4 minutes per hour. All our advertising is spread across a 24 hour period providing maximum exposure (run of schedule as the Americans like to call it). We are not in the business of fixing slots at certain times of the day for a surcharge – so please don’t ask! However, specific shows may be sponsored.

Multi stream / station advertising and online advertising

You can advertise on any one of our streams/stations individually or across all of them at a discount. However, we reserve the right to be the final arbiter on product suitability. For example, the ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ film may be acceptable on one of our Rock Streams but would be deemed to be totally inappropriate for the Ice Stream! A final option that we offer (for a small additional cost) is the chance to place an advert online on our web site (webvert). A table showing our range of tariffs can be found on Page 3.

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